Search and Replace Feature on selected objects

I am using Ignition SCADA version 7.8.
One of the tasks which needs to be done regularly is to develop P&ID screens for the operators, showing the state of valves, sensors, transmitters and actuators. We have a symbol for each object (valve, motor) and assign the tags to it. Then we duplicate the object and would like to change the tag binding to the new tag for this new object.
Instead of going through each property of this new object and change the tag binding, I would like to right click on the selected object and perform a tag substitution. It would be great to have a dialog box come up, which shows the current tags and a space to enter the new tags.
The current search and replace functionality does not seem to allow for this and makes it quite cumbersome (IMHO).
Is there any way to achieve this or will this be a feature in new releases?

If you make the template custom properties as a drop target you just have to drag and drop the tag onto the template.

This is one of the suggestions from that we’re looking at for 7.9 or 8.0. It won’t be a trivial effort, but we know it would really help users.

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