Search and replace

I have my groups sorted into folders based on what station on the machine they pertain to. I have 4 stations. Each station has about 45 groups. Right now I set up 1 station and now I want to copy/paste the groups to a new station. Everything in the new station will be identical except for a section of the item path (’…station_02…’ instead of ‘…station_01…’).

Is there any way to change the new groups to use the correct paths quickly?

I would do something like this…

Export to CSV

Modify in Excel

Import from CSV

You could also use the Search & Replace function under the right-click menu on the group pane. Then, you could choose to only search the “OPC Path” and do exactly what you said, replace “station_1” with “station_2”.

The main trick is that it will search the groups you have selected, and if no groups are selected, the whole project. Therefore, when you copy and paste your top folder, go into that folder and select all the groups, then right click on one and choose “Search and Replace”. That way, you’ll only be searching those.

CSV is also a quick and easy way to do it.


Thanks, this makes it a lot easier.