Search Button for different HMI Screens

How do I create a search button for various screens within the project?
I want a way to add the search functionality for my HMI project to be able to search for screens with keywords.

For example.
If I have 10 screens, and I type a keyword or a sentence that matches with text on that screen, it shows up in the list and the user can click and navigate to it.

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Is this limited to components ‘text’ property only?

The best way to do this would be to create a manual “database” (could just be a python dictionary or other data structure) within the project somewhere that can then be iterated through looking for a particular term. The only project-wide window resource you can access in the runtime is names (system.gui.getWindowNames()), so you wouldn’t be able to store this attribute on each window dynamically - but this would be easy to store as a project script.

Okay. That makes sense. Another thing I was thinking about was –
Have a dictionary to store keywords associated with each screen, and build that database over time based on how they are using it. So for example - if someone wants to search ‘How do I do task A’ , all screens that may have the keyword Task A would show up as the search result.
Would that be possible?

Claus - I don’t know, would you recommend using that? The goal is for the operator to be able to find screens related to their task, in case they want to do a search.