Search function in perspective

Hi everyone) I create this topic for my new project. Which include tag search function in (runtime) project. These tags can be use in some object and somethings in project. I want to be able to search for tags by project.
I should have maybe 5 elementary button for start( maybe we can do better than what I described. Like a drop-down list of results or, in general, a separate opening window for searching for tags. It would be amazing. ):
1)field where I put tag name
2)field where system write for me where is the tag located
3-4)two arrow button for transfer between result
5) the last button is to start the search, when pressed, it will start searching for the location of the tag

This is what I want to do, and this is one of the customer requirements that needs to be met. He already did it on Vision, but now it is being redone for Perspective. And I thought that the people who are here can help me!
Sorry for my clumsy English, working a little with Google TRanslate

Thanks for the idea of creating a new post!