Search In Display Path of Alarm Status Table

Trying to get a count of Low, Active/Acked, alarms with RDG1 in the display path. Not having any luck with wildcard RDG1 in the display path. Below is current of many attempt. I am getting a count of all Low, ActiveAcked alarms, just seems to ignore my display_path= attempt.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

count1 = len(system.alarm.queryStatus(priority = [“Low”],state=[“ActiveAcked”],display_path = [“RDG1”]))

Is the displayPath ONLY RDG1 or is it part of a path?
I just tested your query on my project and replaced the double quotes with single quotes, and put / on the end so it would continue down into the sub folders of the path and it worked.

displaypath - A list of display paths to search at. Display paths are separated by “/”, and if a path ends in “/*”, everything below that path will be searched as well.

RGD1 represents a production site, then would have any number off error messages like low psi, comm fail, etc. So just trying to get any alarm with “RGD1” in the display path.

This didn’t work as it is counting all Low, ActiveAcked alarms.

count1 = len(system.alarm.queryStatus(priority = [“Low”],state=[“ActiveAcked”],display_path = [‘RGD1/’]))

Thanks so much for any assistance.

Found the fix to this. Replace display_path with source and use * wild card before and after RGD1 to specify the search. Counted only Low, ActiveAcked with RGD1 in the display path.

count1 = len(system.alarm.queryStatus(priority = [“Low”],state=[“ActiveAcked”],source = [‘RGD1’]))