Search Option On Tag Tree

I’m really struggling to implement a search option on the tag tree browser with progressive loading with no luck.
I wonder if anyone developed this option on the tag tree?
I want when user type chars in the search box, all the tree’s branches that have those chars, expand. (10.1 KB)

Even I am starting search option on Perspective tree,
This can highlight the leaf with specific text.

Kindly suggest improvements.

There are a few edge cases where this provided filter fails. There are times where the selection param adds unnecessary forward slashes in-between consecutive digits. You can fix this by capturing consecutive digits op = re.findall(r"\d+", old):

	import re
	filteredItems = {}
	pyVals = system.util.jsonDecode(system.util.jsonEncode(self.getSibling("Tree").props.items))
#	system.util.jsonDecode(system.util.jsonEncode(self.getSibling("Tree").props.items))
#	system.perspective.print(system.util.jsonEncode(self.getSibling("Tree").props.items))
	def getKeys(val, old = '$'):
		if isinstance(val, dict):
			for k in val.keys():
				getKeys(val[k], old+ "." + str(k))
		elif isinstance(val, list):
			for i, k in enumerate(val):
				getKeys(k, old + "." + str(i))
			filterStr = self.getSibling("searchTextField").props.text
			if old[-5:] == 'label' and filterStr in str(val):
				op = re.findall(r"\d+", old)
				filteredItems["/".join(op)] = str(val)
	sel = filteredItems.keys()
	selDict = {}
	for k, v in filteredItems.items():
		selDict['itemPath'] = k
		selDict['value'] = v
	self.getSibling("Tree").props.selection = sel
	self.getSibling('Tree').props.selectionData = selDict

Not positive if this corrects all edge cases.

Is it possible to post the full view that implements this? Maybe on Exchange?