Search & Replace on duplicated Vision Window with Templates not resolving

I have an Ignition 8.0 Vision Project with a few windows that are heavily populated with Templates that are bound to a UDT tag. The tag provider [default] is broken up into two root “areas” each from its own OPC Connection.
The issue I’m having is when I duplicate the window from one area to the other and use Search & Replace to change from using area ‘A’ tags to area ‘B’ tags, it replaces them just fine, but the window never displays the templates properly. When you select the tag binding interface, it resolves to the correct new tag, but it isn’t until I delete most instances of the template and re-create them that the object displays properly without an error.
The curious part is that once in a while there will be ONE instance that resolves correctly and I can’t, for the life of me, find out anything that’s different. The tags between area ‘A’ and ‘B’ are exactly the same with the exception of the area identifier, which gets replaced.
eg [default]AreaA/Devices/DI/LAL_053

Tags are good, all producing live values. I compare the bound tag on a template producing an error and it’s is EXACTLY the same as one that does not.


The error that is given when trying to “reassign” the tag binding is ":

caused by NullPointerException

and says that “TagName” (which is the custom property on the Template used to bind the UDT) is null.

I just did some more testing and here’s a curious one…

If I take one of the instances that have an error and duplicate it (<Ctrl+d>), it will resolve instantly, HOWEVER, if I try it again with the next one, not so lucky.

Seems like a possible BUG at play here…?

I would recommend getting in contact with support, if you haven’t already. It’s going to be easier to troubleshoot this (or determine if it’s just an existing/known bug) if they can get live access to your system.