Search screens by tag

Is there a way to query which screen’s a tag belongs to? I wanted to do some housekeeping but didn’t know what screens the tag powers.

The Find / Replace Tool.

I’ll give that a shot.

Does ignition expose some kind of REST endpoint I can query with similar functionality to the find / replace tool? I’d like to create a report programmatically with a little python rest client so I can check a huge list of opc item paths. End in mind is to find if any of the OPC item paths are being used in any screens before I clean the tags out of the 3rd party polling engine (Kepserver).

Ignition’s screens don’t use OPC item paths in windows/templates/pages/views/components. Bindings can only point at Ignition tags, which may or may not be OPC tags. Other than tags, OPC item paths can appear in scripts that call system.opc.*() functions directly, and in transaction groups. For scripts, you often find item paths assembled programmatically, so you should instead search for “system.opc” and audit those instead.

Ignition doesn’t natively expose any REST endpoints for external use. I recommend exporting all tags and searching the export outside of Ignition. Make a list of the tag paths that have subject OPC item paths, and then search windows/templates/pages/views/components for those.


Thank you very much for the response. I have started to do this task.

What do you mean “natively” just out of curiosity is there some 3rd party plugin that adds some REST endpoints?

There’s a WebDev module that allows you to implement REST APIs (among other things) with jython.