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Hey guys, I was wondering if there is a way to be able to suggest text as a user is typing strings in a search bar, for example we have about 800 different part numbers and I was wondering if there is a way to start showing suggestive data as the user type more strings into the search bar.

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You’ll have to script it, but it’s possible. Turn off “Defer Updates” on that text entry field and set up a propertyChange event that will trigger DB lookups. Or maybe preload the part numbers into a script module dictionary. Anyways, when the string is long enough to be reasonable, generate a popup menu with choices. Just like you’d do for a mouse click, but from the propertyChange.

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Thanks @pturmel those are good options, I’ll play around with them and see what I can get working.

Right now I have a text field and a small table, they can type a few strings and hit enter and the table shows them the list of suggested results and they can select from there. works but I figured why not try to make it even better you know! :grin:


How did you do it? I am also trying out the same scenario with the text field for search on the table …

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