Search tags online

Hi, I’m making my first demo application to check and test the different possibilities of Ignition. The biggest thing I’m missing at the moment is an online tag search in the viewer. Is this possible? Or is there a workaround I can use to do this?

Not sure what you mean by the viewer? If you mean the designer, there’s a find replace tool under edit. If you want to browse plc tags there’s the OPC browser panel, and igntion tags are under the tag browser panel

Thank you.
I mean in the vision client. Is there a way for the operator for example to directly search a tag?

It’s possible, but not out of the box, you’ll need to write code yourself to cache a list of all tags and then display it in a list, tree view or dropdown list nevermind me

For Vision you can use Tag Browse Tree,

Since you are new, you should check out all of the videos,

And, why not use the demo already created??


Oh hey, I thought there was only a historical tag browser component, my bad