Searching certificates.pfx produces zero results


Searching certificates.pfx produces zero results, yet I know I have that exact string in one of my own forum posts.



This post shows up.

Search is hard I guess :man_shrugging:

We upgrade the forum software regularly so maybe it’ll solve itself one day.

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I just know I have seen others post on deleting certificates.pfx, but I was looking to see if there was anything else that needed to be cleaned when upgrading on linux.



Could it be searching only the title? Maybe we could extend the search to the comments.



It searches comments, I just tested around to see what behavior it was. The only other post I could find that referenced ‘certificates.pfx’ had it in a longer string of characters. I am guessing the forum software is looking at that as one word and omitting it from results. There might be a wildcard option to add into the search to have it include these types of results.

Either that or just search .pfx and that finds a bunch of responses you can probably narrow down on with existing filters in advance search.