Searching for a resolved tagpath

Hi all;

I noticed when using the search function there is a minor issue when trying to search for the resolved dynamic OpcItemPath, essentially throwing us off when trying to troubleshoot and find whether certain PLC addresses were used or not. This essentially causes multiple tags of the same address to be added especially on larger projects we work on.

Here is an example:

  • UDT Dynamic OPC Item Path: ns=1;s=[RF5]N19:{ndx+1}
  • Resolved path (OpcItemPath) shows ns=1;s=[RF5]N19:21 on the tag browser
  • Searching for N19:21 does not show me whether this address is being used or not.

I also tried the following to see if it's related to how the UDT is setup:

  • Changing the binding to ns=1;s=[RF5]N19:{ndx} to see if it's related to the math operation but still didn't work.
  • Changing the datatype of ndx parameter from Integer to String, still no go

Ignition Version: 8.1.31 this however happened even with older versions of Ignition (8.1.17).

Thank you

The search function simply does not look at the results of bindings. Sorry. There were announcements at ICC of new tag cross referencing functionality coming in Ignition v8.3 You simply cannot search for this kind of information in the meantime.

Thanks Phil;

Yes I do remember that announcement, it got a huge round of applause!
It was a pleasure meeting you in person and everyone else at ICC this year! :sunglasses:

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Actually, I just realized you are searching for an OPC Item Path result. I think you are still going to be toast in v8.3. /:

Is there a technical reason why this can't be possible?..
If not then I will submit a feature request.

Well, the designer's search function searches configuration, not live values. I imagine you could create your own search function by using system.tag.readBlocking() on all of your OPC Item Paths and examining those values.

Minor point: tag reference tracking is landing in 8.1, not just 8.3.


The tag report tool should be able to find these though


8.1.25 tag report tool finds these just fine?

Make sure you search on Property OPC Item Path and then use the like operator with wild cards around the search string.

So your example search would be for
Property 1, OPC Item Path, Like,