Searching mounted folder for an image

Is there a way to use a wildcard search on a mounted folder in the WebDev Module? I want to find image files.

Or use something like system.file.fileExists() function?

Do you need the result returned as an HTTP response? If so, make another WebDev endpoint that does the search for you and returns JSON (or whatever) to the requestor.

If you need the result in a script, just search the folder directly (in gateway or perspective scope), or via a message handler (in vision client or designer scope).

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Alright I think I got it. Thanks for the help.

I'm using a message handler to search the folder on the server directly ('C:/some/folder/filename_*.png') using glob.

I'm then replacing my direct 'C:/some/folder/ ' section of my path with my WebDev mounted folder path. Then I'm using that to bring up an image on my perspective page.