Secured (non-text) python script for deployment


We are extending the functionality in Ignition UI with Python scripting, some or most of it could be considered IP and we do not want our customers to be able to read the files.

So far what we have seen is that all python scripts are text files.

Is there a way to use something like pyinstaller or PYC which deploys in non-text file?

Thanks in advance.

Not really.

See this forum post and its discussion for more details.

No. Your best bet for obfuscation is to provide functionality via custom module instead.

Note my use of “obfuscation” - that’s all it will ever be. You cannot prevent a moderately determined user from getting your IP as long as they have physical or virtual access to the gateway machine.


I think this stuff is kind of dumb no offense. Any decent programming company can do whatever 10 different ways