Securing Tags in Tag Browser from Multiple Users


We have multiple teams accessing Ignition Designer for building custom applications. Is there a way to secure tags in Tag Browser based on teams/role? because Accidental deletion of tags folder by a team affects another team and their application.


No, tags are inherently global in the Ignition architecture.

I would strongly suggest using a dedicated virtual machine (or docker container) for each application or group of related applications. Ignition is not truly capable of multi-tenancy. And not just because of global or other shared resources–it is possible from any designer session to completely subvert gateway security.


Everything makes sense. Thanks!

Yes i am reading your historic posts to learn various things :slight_smile:
Any chance you comment on the quoted statement please? Have this gaps in security been already closed or do they still exist and maybe you can give a hint on what this gaps are?

No chance.