Security - Login for specific tag wite and Audit Trail

Hi All,

Is there a built in function on Ignition that will allow a tag be specified that if it’s value is changed, it forces a login prior to change going through? Regardless of who’s logged in at the time, and capture in Audit Trail.

This would be a feature available on Siemens, InTouch etc. I’m sure I could cript it, but it’d be nice if there was a feature built in. I know the Tag Security touches on this, but from I see, it doesnt prompt a login, only states Role is not available…

Check out this function in, this should allow you to script what you need:

You could make a little popup window that would allow you to enter in a username and password then pass those values to this function to check.

Thanks for that. Useful function, however, I will script to force user to log on with their full credentials. Otherwise people will attempt to do something on screen, realize they’re not logged in, then would have to switch user, and then validate again on attempt to do something.
The validate user function should be a full validation.