Security Mode and Policy for New OPC UA Connection

I wanted to create a new OPC UA connection but it keeps showing faulted. It say “no matching endpoint found.”
I have set up every thing as bellow. What is wrong with configuration?

Server Setting:

Security Policies: Basic256Sha256
Anonymous Access Allowed = False
User Source = opcua-module

OPC UA connection Setting:

Endpoint Discovery URL= opc.tcp://localhost:62541/discovery
Endpoint URL= opc.tcp://localhost:62541
Security Mode = SignandEncrypt
Security Policy = Basic256Sha256
Usename = opcuauser
Password = password

These look like pretty much the default settings.

Have you changed anything in the server settings? Did you restart afterwards?

I changed some thing in server setting but now I set them as default.
I already closed and reopened the Ignition windows in browser.

My Server setting:
Bind Port = 62541
Bind Addresses = localhost
Endpoint Addresses = hostname, localhost
Security Policies = Basic256Sha256
Anonymous Access Allowed = False
User Source = opcua-module
Expose Tag Providers = true
Backup Bind Addresses =
Backup Endpoint Addresses = hostname, localhost
Read-only When Inactive Node = false

Closing and opening your browser doesn’t do anything meaningful, you need to restart the Ignition service.

The GCU has an argument for for restarting the service:

You can also restart it in whatever way is native to the OS you’ve installed the Ignition Gateway on.

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I could fix it. Tnx for sharing the link.