Security Question on Buttons

Good afternoon Team,

I am working on my last part of the project, security.

I have created my roles and followed the instructions i found on IU but cannot seem to get it to work.

In my example, i have 2 navigation actions after the script action for security.

When I use my test subject, I can click on the restricted button, I get the message for security but then it takes me to the screen. I am sure it is because I have the navigation after the script but I cannot figure out how to fix it.

For my example, i am adding the event to the button and not the view, would it be better to restrict the view? I saw an example in IU (Perspective Component Restrictions - Perspective Session Security) where you can restrict through binding a expression to the enable button.

Any suggestions?

There's a lot going on here, so I'm going to break this up into smaller pieces...

You should probably move this to something closer to the first part of your project.

Actions here are all asynchronous and get their own threads, so please don't assume that your navigation actions will execute AFTER your script. The list of Actions in this area is a list of actions that will all take place at approximately the same time and which have no impact on any of the other actions. Having two Navigation actions here is going to place you in a different spot occasionally and you're going to have a very difficult near impossible time figuring out why.

If you're trying to limit the ability of a user to use the button to navigate, there are several problems here:

  1. You mentioned roles previously, but Perspective security is built around Security Levels. Please read up on how to use those.
  2. Navigation Actions do not allow for Security restrictions. You'll notice that if you click the Navigation Actions, that the Security Settings button is no longer present.
  3. You should probably move your Navigation actions into the Script action, a la system.perspective.navigate()
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Actions are started in order but run in parallel, so the navigation isn't waiting for security. If you script security, you need to have your navigation in the same script.

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