Security Warning pop-up when opening Designer and extremely slow opening

My IT department gave me new VM servers to move my existing Ignition gateways to.
I am not sure if my IT security has stuff blocked ( I have NO doubt they do, it was a hassle trying to get Ignition installed ) or I missed something.
When opening Designer, I can leave my office, walk to the break room, get a can of soda and almost have it drank before I get the pop up with the security warning.
I do not get this pop-up on my existing servers and the designer opens right away.
I am running Ignition 7.9.17

This is a standard Java webstart security warning. For your other servers you have probably already added the gateway URLs to the exception list.

Not sure what the delay is - maybe OCSP timeout. You might be able to disable that in the Java security settings control panel.

You should also get used to using the launchers instead of JNLP (webstart). Webstart doesn't exist for Ignition v8+ (or anything else using modern java).

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Disabling the OCSP did solve that issue.