Security Warning

I am getting this on a new station we are setting up. It has java 7.45 installed. If you check the box and run it will go, but is very,very,very slow. The next time you open it you get the prompt again. The highlighted warning about blocking it all together in future updates is another thing that is not good.

If we down grade java to 7.17 we get one prompt, it is fast and you don’t get it again on another start.

Attached is screen shot.


The link takes you here:

More info can be found here:

What do we do to fix it so the latest java can be ran? Or do we have to stay back at a certain version?

What version of Ignition are you using?


Think we narrowed it down:
The box has no WAN access, it can not get certificates from outside world (Verisign…)

I think this was fixed in 7.5.11 and 7.6.4.


We been waiting to update because of this issue:

[quote]Ignition Platform -

Gateway Web Interface
    Fixed - Usernams now allow hyphens in them[/quote]

Hyphens in the name are a must for us.