Security Zone Access within Vision


We have security zones set up for sites and I would like to be able to see if a current user has the security zone needed to write to a tag. We would use this to do things like disable buttons, create separate popups to explain the issue, etc. Currently we just get the insufficient permissions error popup when they try to change the secure tags outside of the zone, but our users don't really know what permissions they are lacking. This is all within Vision for now.


What does this mean? Does this mean the computer the user is accessing is within a specified proximity from the equipment? ...or does this mean that the user is assigned to a certain area? ...or does it mean some sort of privilege level system?

Perhaps more importantly, how and where is this information stored?

Pretty much, and depending on the situation it can an ip range or an individual host name stored in the gateway in the identifiers section of the security zone config page.