Security Zone Filtering for Gateway Config/Status/Home falls to Default


I'm trying to setup Security Levels permissions on Gateway General Security (then I'll probably do the same for perspective access but I'm not there yet).

I'm connecting to the Gateway from a client which have his IP Address set in the Security Zone "SEC_SFS-MANAGEMENT" allowing all scopes and not restricting for secure or un-proxied connection.

The client have an IP in a different IP range than the Gateway, but not using any proxy: only a single router between the two networks. And this client access the Gateway through the Gateway's IP (not hostname) in the Address Bar.

I'm connecting with the admin user, member of the Administrator Role. Here are the corresponding Security Levels:

I would like for example to use "Authenticated/Roles/Administrator/SecurityZones/SEC_SFS_MANAGEMENT" to filter acces on Home Page, Status Page, Gateway Config Permissions, Designer, ...; With Role+Zone.

However I experience a strange behavior:

-  When I set this Security Level for designer access: It works, only admin can connect login with designer from the MANAGEMENT client's IP.

- When I set this Security Level on Status Page Permission or Home Page Permission, it does not works. Instead I am matching the zone Default and not the SEC_SFS-MANAGEMENT zone.

I am missing something ?