Security Zone Not Getting Applied to user

I’m using 8.1.16.

I have a security zones setup for trust and untrust. When a user is in the trust zone they are allowed to access the gateway config, status and home page. When a user is in the untrust zone they can only access a Perspective Client.

I have the trust zone identifiers set to the ip of the server where the Ignition gateway is installed.

While remoted (via Remote Desktop Connection) into the gateway server (trust zone) I cannot access the gateway config, status and home pages.

When I test my login via the IdP Ignition is not assigning me to the trust zone… and I’m assuming this is why I don’t have access, however I should.

Is Ignition using the IP and hostname of the machine I’m using to RDP into the server to authenticate with the IdP?

I don’t have specific experience with this regarding Ignition. But I do know while using Rockwell products, it reads your username/computer-name not the one of the machine you are RDPing into. I think this might be a issue with RDP more than Ignition. I know what to change in rockwell but not ignition. maybe someone else here can chime in.

Easy way to check: place a Label in a perspective session and bind it against

In a normal non-RDP session, I found that the Label displayed my IP. During an RDP session, I found that the property resolved to something like [0:0:0:0:0:1].