Security zone with IP Address

I was trying to add a Security zone for my project.
When I created a Security zone (with IP address added) in 'Config/Security/Security Zones' and used it, I couldn't access the page.


Even when I created a security zone without any restrictions and used it, I still can't access the page, where am I configuration wrong?

Try changing the IP to 10.77.122.. so that it is like the example in the note below it and see if that works.

I have tried, but it still does not work. I think it is because I lack part of the configuration that it does not work, but I have not found the reason.
I have tried configuring Host Names to "*" so that access is unrestricted and IP restrictions are still invalid.
If my PC has multiple network cards, is the IP of which network card is detected here? Is it different from the ip of tag in the designer?