Security zone with IP addresses

I trying to create a security zone to prevent access to perspective from outside of a specific IP range.
I’ve created the security zone and I’ve configurated the project properties to restrict access to user outside this zone.
I’ve tried configuring the IP addresses of the security zone in different ways and I can’t get it to work:
IP Addresses: 192.168..
IP Addresses: 192.168.0-255.0-255
I have even tried: ...
or from the localhost:
…and none of this works, it always forbids me access.

I have only managed to access the perspective with the security zone actived, if I fill the IP Addressing with a single *

This is an example of the configurations I have tried:

In your Perspective client, what is the value of This is what is used for the IP address filtering.

This is for 8.1.5 at least, I have a feeling it's changed in later versions as I think hostnames are actually supported now with reverse DNS.

This is what I was talking about, 8.1.10 (8.1.9 was canned)

if I print {[System]Client/Network/IPAddress} on my client and I get the address

The client public IP is (I don’t know if you mean this IP)

I tried, 147.161.. and 147.161.. on IP addresses but it still doesn’t work.

(I’m using igntion 8.1.14)

Yes, but what is the value of and have you tried adding into the IP Address Identifiers list in Security Zones?

Yes, I tried

the in the designer says:
but if I print {} on the client, it prints: [0:0:0:0:0:0:0:1]

You might need to launch the client using the ip address of your gateway (in this case it looks like your PC) and not the loopback address (i.e. localhost or

That is, if I launch it from that address instead of localhost it works.
I have set the IP address as 192.168.*. *

@nminchin, thank you very much for your time, I appreciate it.