Security Zones Not Updating

Version 8.1.21

Hello, I have recently watched the inductive university videos on vision client permissions and security zones. Despite following the videos exactly, I have not been able to replicate results.

I am simply wanting to restrict tag write access based on the IP address specified in the security zone. On the "Service Security" screen in the gateway, I have my tag provider set to "ReadOnly" in my zone policy. Also, in my vision client permissions I have restricted tag editing to "adminstrator@zone1". I am still able to write to a tag regardless of role or zone.

I have a feeling I am just missing something easy. If it helps, I am able to set zone security on an individual tag and it works.

Ok, I was right in feeling it was something easy. I didn't realize you could set read/write/edit permissions on the tag provider itself.

That doesn't necessarily explain why I wasn't able to achieve the same results as this video (Security Zones and Service Security - Gateway Level Security) WITHOUT editing the tag provider itself but oh well.