SecurityLevels / SecurityZones

I'm on 8.1.33

I try to setting up security on my gateway.

I want to give a public access to all my projects but I want that all providers be in ReadOnly mode

I want to set a SecurityZone for the official PC to have access to the provider of the HMI in ReadWrite

I want that specific Roles have access to ReadWrite outside of the SecurityZone.

I have 1 provider by project, so security must be for readWrite according to provider of the active project.

Hope that I was clearly.


Hi @luc.martin

When you say providers, are you referring to Standard Tag Providers? If so, is there 1 tag provider per project on the same Gateway? Are you trying to set up specific security settings for all the tag providers? For your third question, can you please rephrase or clarify what you mean?

Yes I refer to the Standard Tag Provider and yes we have 1 provider by project on the same gateway.

I try to setup up security for each tag provider individually.

I want to be able to give ReadWrite Access to specific roles when it is outside of the current Security Zone, so I want that users with that roles can have ReadWrite Access from anywhere. Other roles must be ReadOnly when they are outside of the security zone.