Segregation between MQTT and VPN

I don’t know whether it’s appropriate to post his question here, as it’s more related to IT.
But I am pretty sure we have more IT guru here than stack overflow.

I have a setup for remote site communication.

  • The site is connected to internet via a 4G router, the router is configured as VPN client to a VPN server in the office.
  • The computer can access the site PLC and Ignition remotely via VPN.
  • VPN server is using OpenVPN with Internet access enabled, the local Ignition can access internet.
  • the site Ignition use MQTT to transfer data to the gateway, I believe it’s using the VPN channel.

I am thinking whether there’s a way to segregate the local VPN access and MQTT. So the MQTT will send data directly via its local 4G network, but still have the VPN enabled for remote access. So it won’t consume the data from the VPN Server side when transferring the MQTT data.

Any comment is appreciated.