SEL-3351 & Substation to Ignition

Hi all is it possible to create a device to read data from an SEL 3351? The current setup has the data going straight the HMI (Wonderware) using Substation I know nothing about Subnet and can’t find much in the way of manuals etc.
I’m sure you’ll need more info to help, but I don’t even know where to start!

This page mentions it implements OPC under “Enterprise Integration Features”.

Seems like the best lead to chase.

Thanks Kevin. Subnet has a modbus protocol setup with the data I want. But I can’t figure out how to connect to it.

Ideally you’ll be making an OPC connection from Ignition. I can’t tell if that software is OPC Classic or OPC UA. If it’s classic (aka COM aka DCOM aka DA) you’ll need the OPC COM module for Ignition.

I’d poke around in that “OPC Server” section under “Enterprise Applications” and see what you can find. Or just find a manual on their website or call/email their support.

That screenshot shows the holding register and input register addresses for many of the internal values via Modbus TCP access. And zero is present, so zero-based addressing should be selected when setting up the Ignition driver. This approach might be more convenient if the OPC Server option isn’t present/licensed.

Thanks guys. Either could work, but I haven’t been able to connect to Subnet with Ignition. All I can see for an address is that “Location” field. If I made a Modbus device, would the address be a combination of the computer IP and that location? I guess same question for an OPC connection.

Just the IP address. The default Modbus TCP port is 502, IIRC. You might need to open that port in Window’s firewall (on the substation).

Thanks, can’t get it yet, but I am working remotely so that might be it. Will be at this site tomorrow and will post back.