Sel3530 rtac

Has anyone had any experience connecting Ignition via the MODBUS TCP driver to an SEL3530 RTAC? Any problems?



Maybe nobody has ever done this. Why don’t you hook it up and let us know how it went? If you get stuck feel free to call in or post back here and we can help you out.

I have hooked it up to a SEL-3354 running

This is basically the same equipment as a new GE D25

Great, seems promising then. Thanks.

Works well, very simple setup.

Hi, seems that you were able to connect to a SEL rtac, could you share how you did that.

I can connect to the RTAC with the user name/pwd and also the RTAC is collecting modbus data into its own database, but how did you managed to get that data into ignition?

You have to configure a Modbus server in the RTAC and map the data to it using the RTAC Tag Processor. Then the data will be available to any Modbus master, such as Ignition.

Exactly what my thinking was and did it as soon as I saw your reply.
Tried too many things, this one was easy.

Thanks again