Select pens to trend

I am interested in using check boxes to select which values on the screen I want to trend and then click a button to open a trend with those values.


How can I make this work?

That looks like you are working in Vision. Can you add the Vision (or Perspective) tag to your question to make it clear?

Sorry, it is perspective.


Which chart component type do you wish to use?

Preferably the power chart.

Try this:

  • Run the chart in Designer and add the tags/pens that you want.
  • If you now examine the props | pens | 0, etc., you’ll see there is a visible property for each.
  • You now need to create a dictionary to pass to the chart. You can use an Expression Structure and bind to to whatever you like on that view. A custom property on the root might suffice.

Expression structure

  • On the chart view create a view parameter of type object to take the dictionary.
  • On the chart open props | pens | 0 | visible and add a binding to the view parameter.

Pen visibility bindng

That should be enough to get you going.