Select Query Binding Question

I want to binding a query to the component’s data , but in the select query I used different database’s table ,but the different database are setup in one Mysql software as the picture ,and I used the select query and also selected a defult database , but the error said “the table is not exist” as the picture ,how can I binding the select query which used different database’s tables ?

Just a quick look at the pic, it appears to have a space in the name after the period.

Sometimes copying and pasting the error into your thread can be a help. :wink:

Thanks Jordan, the attachment are the entire sql query ,and the error , is there anything wrong ,and is that possible in a sql select query binding to use different database table in the query from the “database connection” ?

Look at the query that is displayed in the error message screen. It is a completely different query to what you’ve posted, i.e. the query you’ve posted is not the one giving the error.

The query with the error is referencing defect_log rather than ign_mes.defect_log

Do you know what is running that query - have you got a component called Yield on the screen?

Sorry guys , there is a yield exsist actually ,and I changed database connection ,error is gone , thanks Jordan & george , I 'm a rookie :laughing: