SELECT Query Tags quit refreshing after upgrade - QueryType was AutoDetect

We had dozens of Query Tags that were SELECT-type expressions.
We recently upgraded from 8.1.2 to 8.1.17.
In 8.1.3 a change was made that added the QueryType to the Tag Editor.

After we upgraded, many (perhaps all) of our SELECT queries stopped updating the return value. We resolved this by changing the QueryType from AutoDetect to Select.

We are using ORACLE. Could it be because the QueryType defaults to AutoDetect and since our expression starts with the words "WITH " instead of “SELECT” the Gateway could NOT detect the QueryType?

We ARE going through our tags and setting their QueryType explicitly.

Pretty sure that would do it.

@pturmel: are you agreeing that since the query expression starts with “WITH”, the system is unable to AutoDetect, and therefore does NOT actually evaluate the expression at all, and therefore we need to, in general, NOT use the QueryType of Autodetect?

Having query type for a query tag is a new thing. They would always be SELECT queries before, so there wasn’t any detecting going on. Now that the queries don’t have to be SELECT, autodetection is necessary. But it works by looking for SELECT as the first keyword. It seems to me that auto-detect shouldn’t even be a choice, and the default on an upgrade should be SELECT.

But that’s just me. :man_shrugging:

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