Select text input field

Is there a way for me to select the current text in textinput field after setting focus as demonstratored below?

I see that in normal javascript can use the “select()” function.


What do you want to do with the text after it would get selected?

This will allow the user to detete the current input without needing to select it or hold backscape.This is a common feature on forms where users tabs through input fields.

This already happens when you use tab to go to the next inputfield (atleast in chrome and the designer)

Wouldn’t the placeholder property of this component be what you’re looking for ?

This issue is the this is not a form ,it is a hidden text field that is unhidden ,so the ‘tab’ key is not pressed when the textfield is revealed.

That does not seem possible.
If the default text is always to be overwritten you should use a placeholder like @pascal.fragnoud suggested

okay ill give that a try