Selected Row & Multiple Selecton

Hey folks,
I’m encountering these conditions using a table with Multiple Interval selection mode. (Ignition 7.9.2 x64)

When selecting multiple rows (control+click or click+drag), the “Selected Row” property will only update when selecting a new row above the currently selected row. Selecting from the top of the table down, “Selected Row” will remain static at the initial row’s value. Whereas, selecting from the bottom up will update the value with each added row. If I sort the table via some other column, the process remains the same (thus, it is not tied to the number of the row, so much as its location vertically in the table).

Is this by design? I would like to use selected row as my driving property in the event script for the table, but if the operator has to select from the bottom up for the script to execute, then I will re-work my scripting.

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Yes, it’s by design, as getSelectedRow() returns the smallest index of all the selected rows.

getSelectedRows() (with an ‘s’) returns an array of all selected row indexes, and getSelectedRowCount() will return the number of rows that are selected. Those may be better to use when you have multiple interval selection enabled.

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Thank you, Kathy. That certainly helps clear it up!