Selected tags get deleted after performing a tag move in the tag browser

When performing a tag move or tag deletion in the tag browser with a large number of selections (~10, not tested with lower numbers), after confirming the action through the pop-up notification, if the user selects any tag folders in the second or so after confirming the action, those folders will be deleted without prompting for any confirmation.

I don't know what is triggering it but looks like the request to the gateway to delete tags can get the current selection after confirming deletion stapled onto the confirmed request. Super annoying as I have to go add 5-6 folders of tags back into the project.

No clue where to file a proper bug report so posting here, thanks

What version?
Have you tried restarting the OPC UA module?

You should open a support ticket. That is the formal place for bug reports. This forum is a bunch of volunteers, with IA staff popping in as they have time available.