Selecting a server platform architecture

Here’s our question:
Intel now has a server architecture called “Avoton” which is essentially an Atom processor for server use. Does anyone have experience they’re willing to share with running Ignition Server on Atom versus Core iX-series versus Xeon?

Here’s the background:
We need to put Ignition servers in places where rack-mounted servers are not practical due to space constraints. We always run Ignition Server on Windows with MySQL as the database backend, and each runs multiple projects servicing a building or mill site.

It looks like the ML600G series of servers from will fit the bill of what we’re looking for from a hardware and form-factor standpoint (All SSD, dust-proof, vibration resistant, RAID, fanless, etc), but we’re wondering what the limits are when selecting a processor to run the server.

We’re not in need of the power savings from Atom, and upgrading the processor to a Core i5 (which is what the workstation PCs we use now are running) is not a significant additional cost. But with these servers (as with many embedded/fanless PCs), when the processor is upgraded, they add a ton of ports that we simply don’t need. Since we’re a sawmill, the dust in the environment is a real concern, so fewer ports is better.

Thanks in advance.