Selecting a tab on a tab strip when a button on a docked window is clicked

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I have three docked windows and a few main windows. One of the docked windows is vertical (primary navigation) and contains 3 buttons that when clicked open an associated horizontal docked window (secondary navigation) containing tabs and a main window for the first selected tab. I’m wondering how I can highlight the tab of the window that is opened on the click of the button on the vertical docked window (primary navigation). Any help would be much appreciated.
(ie. In the image, I click the highlighted button on the vertical docked window which brings up the tabs on the horizontal docked window and opens the main window. I want the tab to be automatically be selected for the main window that is opened.) I hope this makes sense.

Set the Selected Tab (.selectedTab) property of the tab strip in your button script to the name of the tab that you want to be selected.

If your tab strip is doing navigation, this will also open the window associated with that tab.

Tab Strip component documentation

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