Selecting and highlighting table rows with script

I’m trying to use a script to highlight specific rows in a power table and I’m running into some brick walls. I was hoping someone here could offer some advice. Here’s my scenario:

When the page loads, based on some tag values, I set a template path. The templates I’m selecting have a power table that I populate when the template is selected. The table is 2 columns, names and corresponding numbers. I read in a list of names and compare that list to the names column in the table and find the matches. IT will frequently be multiple matches. I’d like to select and highlight the rows that match my list like they would be highlighted when you click on them. Using table.selectedRow and table.selectedRows, I get an error “read-only attr: selectedRows” for each. I’ve seen mentions on the forum about using table.changeSelection() to do it but that doesn’t seem to work either (can’t find any documentation on that method so I’m not certain I’m using it right).

Is it possible to do what I’m trying to do? If so, can someone advise how?