Selecting invisible objects

(This is on 8.1.43)

I have a bunch of objects in a view, and one of the labels has its visible property set to false. When I'm in the designer and dragging the mouse to select all the objects in that view, all the visible objects in the selection area are given an orange outline of their extents. However, the invisible label does not get an orange outline. But .. (and here is the crux of the matter) .. when I release the mouse button, the invisible object is shown as selected in the list of objects in the view.

Shouldn't the invisible objects still get an orange outline when being selected? Because if they don't, you can only see if you actually select them after you have released the mouse button, and have looked at the list of objects.

Maybe the invisible objects do get an orange outline...but those too are invisible. Just kidding. I think it is a rendering issue. I would rely on the list of objects to select/deselect things.

I hadn't thought about the border being invisible because the object was. I think you may be on to something .. lol

However, It's a bit disconcerting when you are selecting with the mouse and you know there should be an object there, but just doesn't show up until after the fact. I was scratching my head for a bit wondering if I had deleted that object.

I also find the "Visible" property hiding things from selection is frustrating. What we did on our last project was not use the VISIBLE property to control display, but instead added the "Opacity" style property. Set to 0 make component invisible, and 1 to make visible. This way you can still click to select the component (if you know where it is on the screen) even if it is "hidden".