Selecting the DB table using drop down list

I’m trying to extract the data from the another database to which another OPC is writing. I am able to access the database and extract the required table to the table I’ve created in ignition. But there are many tables in that database which I would like to read. Is there any way that I can mention those table names in a drop down list so that if I select a table name, it will be automatically populated to the ignition software table? Or, do I need to create individual tables in the ignition software and statically assign the tables ?


Is Ignition connected to both databases?

yes, it is connected

You can set the data property of an Ignition table through scripting. Use the system.db functions to query data from your database.

Perhaps create a propertyChange script on your dropdown component and use the selected table name on the dropdown component to determine what data to get in your script.