Selecting the Minimum size window

Hi, I would like to create a HMI without scroll bars on the sides or bottom. I have two docked windows, North and East. Is there a recommendation on how to properly size the main window when using docked windows?

Assuming this is Vision - design your ‘main window’ at a resolution smaller than yourSmallestExpectedClientScreenResolution - yourDockedWindowDimensions - so if you have a north docked window that’s 100px tall, and an east docked window that’s 200px wide, and expect to use 1080p client screens, then in the designer make sure your window dimensions don’t exceed:
1920 - 200 = 1720px wide, by 1080 - 100 = 980px tall.
That said, when laying things out your absolute best bet is to design as small as feasible - it’s far, far easier to automatically ‘scale up’ than it is to ‘scale down’. That’s why the default for Vision windows is something like 800 x 600 - judicious use of groups and anchoring makes intelligent resizing very possible.

As a general rule - if you’re worrying about pixel-perfect position, you’ve already lost. Layout decisions should be as broad as possible.