Selection Priority Management


I’d like to know if anyone has successfully implemented a priority selection in Ignition/Perspective?

The problem I’m faced with is to design a vessel selection for the operator. We will have 20 vessels and they must be unloaded according to a priority that will be decided by the operator. Unfortunately not as simple as selecting the oldest content, it may have to do with certain quality attributes or even superstition.

Long ago we used to do this by assigning integer priorities in a table, then selecting the lowest integer. Technology has improved and I am wondering if there are better ways to achieve this. Ideally with a drag and drop interface, similar to arranging songs in a music playlist?

Any ideas would be appreciated.


Could you use the newish dashboard component? (probably wrong name, but the one where users can move subcomponents within the component in runtime)
I havent used it before, so just a suggestion

Good plan, but I don’t think it will scale well in future.

That component has a fixed grid layout and doesn’t scroll.

I’ll try it anyway