self.clearUploads() Not Working?

I am trying to call self.clearUploads() at the end of the onFileReceived event on the File Upload component in Perspective and it doesn’t appear to do anything. I can’t find any examples of this function in the documentation. Am I using incorrectly? Has anyone used it successfully?

Appreciate the input. Thanks.

What are your expectations for what it should do? That function ONLY has an effect on the UI, in that the component will go back to its “default” appearance, as if no files had previously been uploaded. The function does NOT do anything to files that were uploaded; if you want to remove previously uploaded files from whatever destination you sent them to, then you need to supply your own logic as part of the onUploadsCleared Event.

That’s what I want. To return the component to its default appearance - so that users don’t have to manually click the refresh button or click off the component on a mobile device. But it’s not working for me.

Could you supply the code which isn’t working? Please include some sort of insight into where and how the code is being invoked.

Are you testing in designer or a live client? Someone else complained about similar albeit differnet function but turned out they were only testing in designer - Clear Signature Pad upon Submission