Self Property Reference Vision

I have a Label with a custom property {Row} I want to be able to use this to do some expressions.

For example (not actual script here)
if (Len(dataset) > {row},1,0) for visibility
Dataset[{row},3] = value
Dataset[{row},1] = Mouseover

I want to do this all based on the custom property so that when I copy paste this I can just change the custom property value to update all the values within the label.

What I can find is how I reference
instead of
{Root Container.MaintenanceContainer.Row1WarningLabel.Row}

which the later wouldn't work since I would need to change it in each place.

In a script, you would use self.Row directly. The curly braces are only for expression bindings, not scripts. If you copy and paste a component with self-references in bindings, the designer will change them for you.

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ahh didn't realize it would update like that with copy.