Self reinitialisation of variables in perspective flex repeater

I am facing a weird problem that I don’t understand.
When I open a certain view in the designer, it reinitialized the values of the Numeric Entry Field.

This particular view is a flex repeater, in a perspective view.

The values are binded on a direct tag. This tag value is connected on OPC UA Server, with modbus TCP.

I am using bidirectionnal mode in order to read the values from the automatom, and write the values from the web ignition interface.

But when I open the view in the designer, all the values enabled (with white background) are set to 0.

How to make these values ​​not reset?

Thank you for your answer.

Pretty sure that’s a known bug that has since been fixed. What exact version are you using?

I am using the 8.1.7 version.

Hmmm. My search-foo is failing me. @PGriffith ?

From 8.1.11:

Fixed issue that could cause bidirectional bindings on View parameters to inadvertently write back when loading the view.

Sounds like that could be it?

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Yes, that matches what I remember. …should have figured you’d be awake, and Paul not. (:

Thank you for your answer, I will try to upgrade my version, and see if it works!

I upgraded my ignition version to the 8.1.16 and the bug still remains.
Any ideas for solutions?