'semi-public' tags

Some projects have many tags, and when you have many projects… that’s a lot of tags. Something very interesting would be “semi public” tags, or tags that are only avaible if are in the project that uses or if you browse it. That would help to have more organized project.

I think Ignition already has the functionality you are looking for! The tags that show up in your ‘Tags’ folder of the SQLTags Browser are only the ones that are in your default provider. You can create other SQLTag providers in the Gateway Configuration webpage under ‘SQLTags -> Realtime’, and you can select which provider is the default for each of your projects. To make your semi-public tags, I would create a Tag Provider for each project. That way all of your tags would show up under the ‘All Providers’ folder in the SQLTags Browser, but you would only see the ones that are relevant to your project.

obviously I hadn’t thought of that! :mrgreen:

thanks Robert!