Send & Acknowledge Alarms Via 2-Way Email

Are there any examples of how to configure this? I have a working email notification profile, but I’m not sure how to configure the link in the email to allow the user to acknowledge the alarm.

To configure the link to allow users to acknowledge the alarm you would have to do a few things:

  1. Make sure “Two-way Settings” are enabled in the Alarm Notification Profile.

  2. In the Gateway field for “Two-way Settings” you need to configure the ip address and port of your ignition Gateway. This would be the ip address of the facility and the port of the ignition gateway at said facility. You will have to enable a port forwarding rule to access the Gateway.

For a more secure method to access your Gateway you could configure an https link or you could even link your Gateway through a vpn and access it that way.

The link to acknowledge the alarm will be in the email. Once this link is pressed the alarm will be acknowledged. There is no real way to configure the link itself because it is automatically generated by ignition.

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