Send data to AWS IoT Core Gateway (without GreenGrass)

Hi All,

Is it possible to send data from Ignition SCADA (+any module) to AWS IoT Core Gateway (not to AWS SiteWise and without Greengrass)


Is MQTT an option for you?
If yes, then Ignition Cirrus Link Transmission module is your friend here.

Yes…MQTT is possible. Do you have any docs which details connectivity from Cirrus Link Transmission module to AWS IoT Core/Gateway? … been looking but no luck so far.

Take a look at Cirrus Link AWS Injector and detailed info here
Notons more simple.

Thanks… but the Injector can push data into DynamoDB not IoT Core/Gateway and i dont want to setup SiteWise as it’s not available in the Syd region at the moment.

What i want it to push data into IoT Core/Gateway

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Is there a specification / architecture blueprint availiable that describes how to create such a cloud injector myself ?
I would like to connect Ignition to Siemens’ MindSphere platform

I was able to send data into AWS IoT Core using the MQTT Transmission module. What i noticed it that the data received is in Hex … is there any documentation on how to convert this before sending, ideally to JSON

Hi @chrisj do you mind sharing how you forward to AWS IoT Core directly? As I have failed miserably