Send email to multiple addresses for one user via proxyAddresses - tips and tricks

We wanted to share a learning that may be valuable to other users of the Ignition Notification module. We are implementing the module to send alarms to system support personnel which are remote from operations or may be on call and out of the office, etc. In our legacy system, we use a diversity of delivery methods to increase the likelihood of the recipient getting the message. E.g. we send email, email as text to a mobile device, paging (TAP) and even messages over Iridium satellite system for hard to page operators that are not in page or cell phone coverage area. We would like to do this in Ignition also. We use Active Directory to populate our users. The ideal way is to add one AD user to a Roster but deliver the alarm via multiple methods. In order to achieve this, we found we could configure Ignition to reference the proxyAddresses in AD rather than the default ‘mail’ field. (in Security>Users, Roles>Active Directory>Email Attribute). For instance, we configure one proxy adddress as, and the second address as (123) This gets the alarm to the recipient via email and text to mobile. Very happy with this outcome. Anybody else need a similar solution?

Yes, this is something we are interested in. Is there a way to have an Alarm Pipeline expression send to one of the emails of a contact, and if the priority is “critical”, then send to the second email (which would be the email to text)? So far, I can send to both emails that’s seen in the email attribute, but not separately based on a condition. This would also allow to only mange one roster. Otherwise I can make another roster_text for example and have that look at a secondary created AD user source that’s set to look at an attribute that only has the text to email. This is kind of a round about way if not having the SMS Airlink system in place. Thanks